Yorkshire public transport firm Metro seeking a data centre partner

Data centre solutions companies across the UK should take note: Metro, a company which co-ordinates public transport services in Yorkshire, is currently searching for a partner to provide it with a high quality data centre solution. The company has left a notice about this search in the Official Journal of the European Union and, though it has used the notice to cite a lengthy list of requirements in a data centre partner,… we consider it a great opportunity for a UK data centre solutions company that is willing to rise to the challenge.

A long list of requirements

Metro has stated that it seeks a partner that can offer fully redundant environments, a lot of physical security, ISO27001 accreditation, Virgin Media Business POP and data centre staff who are on site 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the year. Metro also wants the partner to help it to create a data centre that can be accessed by Metro staff at any time on any day of the year. This is a long list and does not mention every single requirement that Metro has for a data centre partner, but we still reckon that the opportunity sounds promising for the right data centre solutions provider.

How products from Data Centre Shop could help

Such a provider could meet Metro’s expectations – and so fill the vacancy – with help from data centre products from Data Centre Shop. We stock a broad range of high quality data centre products, including switches, routers and servers, from a broad range of renowned makers of such products, including HP, Cisco and Juniper. Indeed, Metro have even stated that their sought-after data centre solutions provider should offer a service of a managed firewall – and we at Data Centre Shop certainly stock a wide range of firewall products that such a provider could choose from.

The successful applicant provider could also feel confident that they could effectively serve Metro for many years to come, especially as we are well placed to lend expert assistance to many people who encounter problems with using products bought from Data Centre Shop.

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