US data centre company aims to expand business with help of Egyptian businessman

The US data centre company Switch SUPERNAP has started collaborating with two specialist investment companies, Accelero Capital and Orascom TMT Investments, to attempt to find new business in Europe, Asia and the Americas. These two companies are part of the telecommunications empire owned by Egyptian tycoon Naguib Sawiris, whose achievements include launching the first mobile operator in Egypt, Mobinil. This new venture currently seems promising, like the data centre products on offer from specialist UK company Data Centre Shop.

Potential markets to be exploited with data centre services

Khaled Bichara, the Chief Executive Officer of Orascom TMT Investments, has revealed that the venture will see construction and operation of data centres for use by businesses in the fields of the Internet, finance and cloud computing. He has also revealed that his Luxembourg-based company will have in its sights existing clients of Switch SUPERNAP, including Google and eBay.

Bichara enthused: “We’re going to countries and we tell [potential clients] if you want to host your server and your data in such an environment you don’t have to go all the way to the US.” He suggested that data transmission speed and regulatory issues could lead clients to use data centres built close to them. What is also likely to assist in the success of this venture is the use of high quality data centre products like those stocked by Data Centre Shop. We stock such products from a wide range of companies, including HP, Cisco and APC.

There could be some especially exciting developments ahead

It is expected that the three-company collaboration will lead to the commencing of operations outside the US next year. Orascom TMT Investments believes that it can financially afford the building of ten large data centres that each measure about 230,000 square feet. Bichara was vague about precisely how operations will begin; he resisted revealing how much money had been spent on the project or how much revenue he expected it to make after operation began, but did reveal that more information about the first contracts in a couple of countries would be announced within three months.

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