UK take-up of data centre space increased by 18% in 2013

Last year, UK take-up of data centre space rose by 18% and now covers 830,000 square feet in gross retail area. Those are among the eye-opening revelations that have been made by research recently conducted by GVA Connect, property agents GVA’s data centre specialist division. Indeed, interesting figures reveal that British companies’ use of data centres has remained high despite the recession and… that it could increase over coming years in many areas of the country, including major cities like Newcastle, Manchester and London.

“an encouraging trend in the time of a recession”

Though many people might have expected data centre usage to have slackened during the recession, GVA Connect director Charles Carden recently revealed to business technology magazine Computer Business Review that, on the contrary, “2008 was probably the peak of data centre take-up in the UK, and post-2008 UK take-up remained fairly constant”. He unsurprisingly called this “an encouraging trend in the time of a recession”.

London and Manchester are the biggest UK data centre hotspots

According to GVA’s research, in 2013, more than three quarters of the take-up of UK data centre space was within what are called the London Synchronous Locations. These locations are called this as they enable round-trip latency of less than three milliseconds. Particularly notable providers of London data centre space include Gateway in West Thurrock; this facility can provide as much as 86,000 square feet of data halls and 50MVA of diverse power. Carden has pointed out that “at the end of last year there was a sharp increase in the number of potential new requirements coming to market, seeking space and capacity in London which is largely being driven from the US.” After the capital, the most popular UK location for data centre usage is Manchester.

A promising future for UK data centre space usage

Carden has encouragingly opined that “this calendar year we will see take-up at the same level as it was for 2013, an increase on previous years, and we’re likely to see further increase in take-up in 2015”.

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