Tips for making your data centre more environmentally friendly

Over recent years, more people – including businesses, the media and other so-called “ordinary” people on the street – have become more environmentally conscious and so started following more eco-friendly procedures in much of what they do. Your business could adhere to this trend by becoming more eco-friendly in its corporate practices, including – of course – running a data centre. Below are some tips that we at Data Centre Shop particularly recommend for making a data centre more environmentally friendly.

First, measure the data centre’s energy consumption

Before you follow any other tip listed here, it would be especially beneficial for you to measure the data centre’s energy consumption level and energy utilisation patterns. You could, for example, measure the facility’s power usage effectiveness, which is commonly referred to as PUE. You can measure this by dividing the facility’s total power consumption level by the IT equipment’s total power consumption level. Once you have determined the data centre’s PUE, you will be in a better position to form strategies that can help you to lower the data centre’s energy consumption level.

Keep the data centre at an optimal cool temperature

A data centre can be more energy efficient if it is kept cool in temperature. Now that you know this, you can start devising ways of keeping your company’s data centre cool. To help to get your imagination working, we will suggest one: making sure that the data centre is already in a cool location. Of course, completely changing the location where your company runs a data centre is a large change, but it could result in great long term consequences for your company – both environmentally and financially. However you keep your data centre low in temperature, consider that optimal temperatures for running a data centre are often considered to be between 18°C and 22°C.

Spend money on more energy efficient data centre products

We at Data Centre Shop stock a large variety of data centre products that are modern in terms of their energy efficiency. Hence, buying such products for your company’s data centre can prove environmentally effective in the long term.

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