Tips for making your company’s data centre better organised

Like a bedroom that is used regularly, a data centre that is used regularly can become more poorly organised and so increasingly messy as time progresses. This is certainly not a rare occurrence, so you shouldn’t feel ashamed if your own company’s data centre has indeed become less organised over time. However, it is clearly a far from convenient situation and so,… wherever possible, you should try to make the data centre tidier. Doing this could certainly increase the facility’s effectiveness – and, therefore, your own company’s success – more than you might initially realise! Below are just some great tips that we at Data Centre Shop have gathered and that could greatly assist you in making your company’s data centre better organised.

Carefully plan ahead for the re-organisation process
The re-organisation process could take a long time and so it will likely be worthwhile for you to thoroughly plan ahead for it. It would certainly be convenient if you could schedule some downtime during which the re-organisation can happen. If you can’t arrange for downtime, you could instead either use a redundant site during the remediation or use failover mechanisms to rectify one part of the data centre at a time. If you opt for the second option, consider that your company could be vulnerable without its primary system or backup system while you are remediating one of these; therefore, you should plan meticulously and consider renting some temporary equipment that your company can use during the re-organisation.

It’s the little things that matter
The effective re-organisation of your company’s data centre is unlikely to require any one revolutionary thing; it could instead require several little changes that, together, could make a surprisingly big difference. These little things can include, for example, rearranging equipment, bringing racks together to prevent airflow from travelling from hot aisles into cold aisles and installing trunking cables several of which come wrapped in a jacket.

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