Tips for enhancing your company network’s security when buying a router

Here at Data Centre Shop, we offer a large choice of network routers from companies including Cisco, Juniper and Brocade. However, this great choice makes it especially crucial that you consider several different factors when trying to decide which of these routers you buy. One of the most important of these factors concerns your company network’s security – and, for this blog post, we have compiled several tips that… are worth following if you want to avoid compromising your company network’s security when buying a router.

Consider buying a router with the right security features
Many businesses opt to buy a router and, alongside it, buy other equipment that can help them to improve or at least maintain their network’s level of security. However, you might find that, among our vast stock of routers, you find one that comes with all of the crucial security features that your company wants and needs built-in. We use our website to provide detailed information about many of the routers that we stock, so it can be worth reading this information carefully before spending any money.

Alternatively, buy a router and then appropriate further accessories
You might have an eye on a particular router that we offer but know that it doesn’t quite offer the full range of security features that you want. Well, this doesn’t have to pose a big dilemma, as you could buy, along with the router, a separate device, like a firewall device, that could come with the security features that you want. In fact, you could even find this the most cost-effective solution. Products that we offer that can be used to enhance the security of routers include the Cisco Catalyst 6500 Firewall Services Module, which can be used with Cisco PIX/ASA devices.

Buy a Cisco router from Data Centre Shop
For your peace of mind, it can be especially wise for you to buy a Cisco router from Data Centre Shop. That’s because we are a Cisco Certified Reseller and Partner, which makes us an ideal company from which to buy Cisco products. When buying Cisco products from us, you can feel confident that the equipment is genuine and that you can avert many dilemmas with vendor support, both of which can help you to avert security dilemmas.

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