Tips for designing a data centre that can effectively grow over the long term

Data Centre Shop is popular with many businesses that seek to buy data centre products like servers and storage devices to enhance and grow their data centres. However, many businesses can encounter common problems when trying to develop their data centres – which is why it can be highly worthwhile for a business to… design a data centre in a manner that can make the facility’s effective long term growth easier. Below are just a few tips, gathered by us at Data Centre Shop, for how a business can design a data centre to this end.

Consider where your company’s IT often operates on the technology continuum
Has the above subtitle confused you? If you don’t quite understand what it means, we will tell you that it is basically asking you about the ability of your company’s data centre to develop. In considering your answer to this question, then, you should carefully consider factors such as how often your company updates its hardware, how eager it is to adopt the latest technology and how flexible it is when it attempts to update its hardware or adopt the latest technology. You should then consider how the IT industry is developing, before attempting to determine how much your space your company will require over a particular length of time for both technology and infrastructure.

Locate the data centre somewhere that will make its future expansion easier
No matter how reliable you think your predictions about your company’s data centre’s future expansion will be, you should consider that the future is rarely easy to predict. Hence, you should always endeavour to have the data centre located next to what is commonly called “soft space”. Soft space is basically just area that your company will be able to use to expand its data centre without having to move a department that has expensive or difficult amenities and without anything on the separating wall, like power panels, that would make that wall’s removal difficult.

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