Survey by Digital Realty reveals much about Asia Pacific data centre trends

The IT operator Digital Realty has revealed much intriguing information about current data centre trends in the Asia Pacific Region. The company has amassed this information through a survey carried out earlier this year. Particularly interesting information in the survey results include that – in the Asia Pacific data centre sector – virtualisation, consolidation and big data investments have been .. among the biggest drivers of growth and roughly half of the survey’s respondents expect data centre budgets to increase by 5-10% in the next 12 months. Such information could be used by many expert observers of this data centre sector to forecast ways in which the sector could further develop in the future.

“… the main factors driving robust development across the data centre sector”

Like the UK-based specialist retail company Data Centre Shop, which has become respected for its offering of an impressive variety of data centre products, Digital Realty has developed a good name for itself in the world of data centres. Indeed, the San Francisco-headquartered company is the world’s leading provider of data centre and colocation solutions, is involved in the acquisition, ownership and operation of data centres and was recently named by the global environmental activist network Greenpeace as one of the most energy efficient IT operators in Australia. Hence, there is good reason to pay attention to the comment recently made by Digital Realty’s senior vice president, Kris Kumar, that “IT transformation projects such as virtualisation and big data are viewed as the main factors driving robust development across the data centre sector”.

Other revelations in the survey results include…

… that 60% of respondents intend to expand their data centres within the following four years and another 40% of respondents view outsourcing as the preferred way to expand their data centres. There does not appear to be any obvious definition of the Asia Pacific region, as what countries are considered to be part of it seems to differ with the context in which the phrase ‘Asia Pacific’ is used. However, this survey was conducted with 245 senior level data centre operators in Australia, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong.

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