Sure set to acquire Jersey data centre operator Foreshore

Mobile, fixed and data communications services provider Sure (Jersey) Limited has revealed that it is set to acquire the complete shareholding in the data centre and cloud services provider Foreshore. Sure already operates a data centre in Guernsey, a British Crown dependency in the English Channel. However, this upcoming acquisition, which will occur for an undisclosed sum and awaits local regulatory approval, will also give Sure… an effective data centre in Jersey, which is near Guernsey, and therefore an enhanced offering in the two islands that are considered the main parts of the Channel Islands.

Data centre services are now likely to improve in the Channel Islands

The acquisition will help Sure to improve its business-oriented offering, which will include data centre hosting and innovative cloud services for both local and international customers. Indeed, Graham Hughes, CEO of Sure in Jersey, has enthused that Sure “has extensive experience serving the local and international financial services, eGaming and eCommerce industries as a data hosting provider”, adding that its upcoming acquisition “enables us to combine this experience with that of Foreshore in creating a level of data hosting and cloud services expertise that will be unrivalled in the Channel Islands”. Chris Evans, CEO of Foreshore, has been similarly enthusiastic in declaring: “I have no doubt that the benefit, of bringing our two companies together, will be a wider choice of services to our respective customers and an improved level of competition in the market generally.”

Two successful companies unite

Jersey’s first enterprise-standard data centre was built by Foreshore in 2000 and has attracted a number of international eCommerce customers. The staff at Data Centre Shop, a specialist data centre products seller based in the nearby UK, are certainly confident that the recent agreement between Sure and Foreshore will help both companies to build on their impressive track records of success. Foreshore has impressed many international customers by providing innovative services, while Sure, as Evans has noted, offers, in Guernsey, “high quality data hosting” – which, along with the company’s international footprint, “will make the integration of Foreshore’s business a natural fit”.

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