Social network giant Facebook planning to open data centre in Indonesia

In an earlier blog post, we at Data Centre Shop reported that Facebook, that behemoth of the online social networking world, intended to build a data centre in the Swedish city of Lule√•, where it already ran what it described as a highly environmentally friendly and technologically advanced such facility. However, we have recently discovered that Facebook also plans to open a data centre in… the Southeast Asia and Oceania country of the Republic of Indonesia. We expect that the company will create a high standard data centre with use of data centre products like those that can be bought from the specialist UK online retailer of such products Data Centre Shop.

“The government and Facebook have agreed on a number of deals”

Tifatul Sembiring, Indonesia’s Minister of Communication and Informatics, recently revealed that representatives of the social networking website had already met officials at his ministry to get the whole venture up and running. He was quoted by the country’s financial portal,, as saying: “The government and Facebook have agreed on a number of deals and one of them was about content data. They have agreed that content which violates the law will not be included”. He reportedly added that some agreements between Facebook and Indonesia’s government would be put forward in writing and that: “A team is currently working to compile the agreements”.

The recent opening of a Facebook branch office in Jakarta

This new project by Facebook follows hot on the heels of the company’s opening of a branch office in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia and one of the world’s most highly populated urban agglomerations. The company recently revealed that Indonesia had about 65 million Facebook users, making the country Facebook’s fourth largest market and seemingly making clear much of the rationale for the aforementioned recent opening of an office there. Facebook Asia Pacific vice president Dan Neary recently enthused in Jakarta: “Setting up an office here will allow us to work closer with some of the biggest advertisers, the advertising agencies and SMEs that need an education on how to market their products”.

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