Slough to benefit from first data centre in the UK

The Berkshire town of Slough has suffered several blows to its reputation over many years. These have included its bleak portrayal in the British version of the sitcom TV series ‘The Office’ and being derided in a John Betjeman-penned 1937 poem named after the town. However, Slough’s reputation should be boosted by recent news that American cloud-based CRM provider has opted to have its first UK data centre built in the town. This facility could grow to… become a huge asset to Slough, especially if it uses many reliable data centre products from the UK-based specialist data centre products retailer Data Centre Shop.

One of three upcoming data centres

It is intended that the facility will open in August, before open further data centres in the French city of Paris and German city of Munich. The company has pledged the creation of 500 jobs during 2015 in Europe, where the company’s revenue has grown by 14% in 2014. Miguel Milano, the company’s President of EMEA, has cited this “tremendous growth” as a key reason for its decision to open the new data centres.

The UK Government has welcomed the plan for the new data centre

Unsurprisingly, the UK Government has responded positively to news of the upcoming Slough facility, which is being constructed by NTT. To be more specific, Stephen Kelly, Chief Operating Officer for the UK Government, has claimed that “we welcome this new investment”, having noted that the country “has a growing reputation as the leader in the European digital economy”. He has further enthused how, within the government, “we are driving a policy of ‘Cloud First’ to improve the way the public sector manages crucial functions, engages with citizens and delivers value for taxpayers.”

Why Data Centre Shop can help to further improve the data centre

The new data centre is likely to prove greatly valuable to Slough and, indeed, the UK more widely provided that current plans come to fruition. However, the facility could become even better if it uses a large diversity of data centre products from Data Centre Shop.

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