Singapore Government takes unique approach to encouraging more eco-friendly data centres

The UK online retailer Data Centre Shop stocks products that have been made by a wide range of brands and can help to increase the eco-friendliness of many data centres. It seems that, across the world, various governments have drawn upon particular techniques to encourage more green data centres, but we reckon that many of these governments, including the UK Government, could learn from a.. particularly unique approach taken by the government of the Southeast Asia island country of Singapore. What is this approach? Read on to find out…

Singapore uses the carrot, not the stick

This unique approach was recently noted by Wesley Lim, Director of Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Sales in Asia with Emerson Network Power, which is part of the American electrical equipment maker the Emerson Electric Company. According to Lim, through a scheme called the SS 564 Green Data Centre Standard, the Singapore Government uses a ‘carrot’ approach of positive reinforcement by offering rebates to companies the data centres of which meet a particular eco-friendly standard. This is in contrast to the ‘stick’ approach of many nearby economically advanced countries including Australia, Hong Kong and Japan, where companies with harmful environmental footprints are hit with deterrents like a carbon tax.

A company the judgements of which should be treat seriously

Lim has expressed his perception of the Singapore Government’s use of this scheme as a good thing, as it means that Singapore is helping to set the momentum for both the rest of the country and other economically advanced countries like those mentioned above.

Lim certainly seems the right type of person to cast a sound judgement on the Green Data Centre Standard. His company, Emerson Network Power, assists government agencies in encouraging more eco-friendly standards in data centres. The company has an impressive track record in working with government agencies. In Australia, it designed, installed and commissioned 10 network hubs intended to provide the foundation of the country’s National Broadband Network. Lim has emphasised: “Governments are essentially accountable for every cent spent, so it’s imperative that they get maximum performance from their IT investments”.

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