How renewable energy is being used to power data centres

In a world when many different people are being encouraged to reduce their carbon footprints, it is encouraging to see that many companies are also increasingly drawing upon more environmentally friendly measures to power their data centres. There have been many recent news reports of an impressive variety of types of renewable energy being used by… many such companies to power data centres. We have been inspired by such reports when using this blog post to reveal to you just some examples of how renewable energy is being used to power data centres.

An especially green Apple
The legendary iPhone and iPad maker Apple has two data centres, one in the Bay Area and another in Maiden in North Carolina, and has claimed that both are entirely powered by renewable energy. Indeed, it is powering the California data centre with renewable energy, mostly wind power, that it purchases through the wholesale market. For the Maiden data centre, it also buys renewable energy; furthermore, the company purchases renewable energy credits which are sold by renewable energy providers like solar arrays and wind farms.

Google are turning to many different renewable energy opportunities
Google have revealed that more than 34% of its data centre operations are currently powered by renewable energy and that the company is committed to using such energy like wind and solar energy as much as it can. The company has also revealed that it has bought renewable energy from wind warms and added clean energy near its data centres. It has found a particularly promising opportunity in Power Purchase Agreements, which are commonly referred to as PPAs and are long term, often 20-year contracts to buy clean energy from a specific provider. When entering into such a contract, Google opt for projects that increase renewable energy opportunities.

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