Red Hat Security tools that we at Data Centre Shop particularly recommend

Red Hat Security tools We at Data Centre Shop like to think that we can be a great source of advice for many companies with data centres, which is why we are glad that it is so straightforward for such companies to contact us by using our contact details displayed on our website. It is also one of the reasons why… we are using this blog post to reveal what Red Hat Security tools we and, for that matter, Proxar IT Consulting particularly recommend that many companies with data centres use.

Enjoy higher security by using ModSecurity
One Red Hat Security tool that we especially recommend is ModSecurity. This is an open source web application firewall and has a higher level of security compared to many other types of firewalls. Furthermore, the tool includes full HTTP transaction logging, which enables you to receive a comprehensive log of all requests and responses that your web server receives. Ultimately, it can especially effectively detect web intrusions and enable you to swiftly react should any of your web servers perform any suspicious activity. The most recent stable release of ModSecurity for Apache, IIS and Nginx is version 2.7.5.

Further enhance security with Security-Enhanced Linux
You could also improve security by using another tool that falls into the Red Hat Security category; this tool is called Security-Enhanced Linux or, as its name is commonly abbreviated to, SELinux. This tool’s usefulness lies in its mechanism which makes it easier for your company to control access. For example, you can prevent many users of your company’s system from changing its access controls by beforehand loading those controls to the system. This helps to ensure that any damage that could be inflicted upon your company’s system by malicious software is diminished. We eagerly anticipate that you will take your – red – hat off to the security enhancements that can be possible thanks to use of these Red Hat Security tools.

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