What is Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

redhat_ad_authentication_sssdOur partner company, Proxar IT Consulting, offers data centre installation services that can satisfy the requirements of many different businesses. These services can so satisfy for several reasons, including Proxar’s use of engineers who are highly knowledgeable about… the latest technological developments and high quality server implementation¬†that draws upon expertise in Red Hat Enterprise Linux. What exactly, though, is Red Hat Enterprise Linux? Allow us to explain.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux in a nutshell
Red Hat Enterprise Linux, often referred to using the unofficial abbreviation RHEL, is a Linux-based operating system developed by the American multinational software company Red Hat and made available for commercial purchase. The operating system is available in server versions for x86, x86-64, PowerPC, IBM System z and Itanium, plus desktop versions for x86 and x86-64. All of the official support and training that Red Hat provides is intended for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, which should give you a sufficiently good image of how widely-used the platform now is.

The history of Red Hat Enterprise Linux
The history of this operating system can be traced back to its initial release on February 22, 2000. The precise name ‘Red Hat Enterprise Linux’ was first used for the platform in 2003 when Red Hat changed the name of one version from ‘Red Hat Linux Advanced Server’ to ‘Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS’ and added two new variants of the operating system called Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES and Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS.

Though free re-distribution of versions of the operating system not officially supported by Red Hat is restricted due to Red Hat’s use of strict trademark rules, the company nonetheless provides free-of-charge the source code for the distribution’s software. This has led several distributors to create re-branded and/or community-supported versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux that can be made available legally, albeit without any official support on offer from Red Hat. On November 21, 2013, the most recent stable release of official Red Hat Enterprise Linux, version 6.5, became available.

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