Why our products and services could help many London companies

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.” That’s how history has often remembered eighteenth century writer Samuel Johnson’s famous opinion of London – and, given the great wealth of attractions that the UK’s capital city boasts, it seems fair to suggest that many people today would voice similar sentiments about London. London also boasts… great wealth of the monetary kind, as it is one of the world’s most significant business bases. This has led to, unsurprisingly, many London businesses seeking high quality data centre services and products. Here, we explain why such businesses can get much of what they want when they seek to obtain high quality data centre products and services from Data Centre Shop.

Our range of data centre products and services is highly diverse
Different London businesses can have very different requirements concerning the data centre products and services that they seek. Some of these businesses, for example, can be primarily interested in rack servers and blade servers from the big name company HP; others are more interested in benefitting from data centre services including installation services and IT consultancy services. Thankfully for such businesses, we at Data Centre Shop can offer all of these products and services, plus a lot more. It is easy for such businesses to use our website to get an idea of the vast range of data centre services and products that we offer.

London businesses can benefit from our relationships with big name companies
Someone who runs or works for a London business and indeed uses our website to learn more about what we have to offer will not have to peruse the website much to see that we have many special relationships with prestigious makers of data centre products. They will not have to look beyond our website’s homepage to see, for example, that we are a HP Partner, a Red Hat Ready Business Partner and a Cisco Select Certified Partner. These relationships ensure that we are well placed to help many London businesses to especially effectively use products that are courtesy of HP, Red Hat and Cisco. We reckon that Samuel Johnson would heartily approve!

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