Our products and services could greatly help many companies based in Birmingham

Many businesses located in Birmingham are eager to obtain reliable data centre products, like servers and networking equipment, and services, such as IT consultancy services. This shouldn’t be hugely surprising to many people; indeed, Birmingham has long been home to an impressive variety of businesses. Furthermore, its reputation as a strong business base looks likely to grow further long into the future,… especially given that, in 2010, Cushman & Wakefield named Birmingham the third best UK place and eighteenth best European place to locate a business. Below are just some reasons why the products and services that we offer could hugely assist many Birmingham businesses.

Birmingham businesses have a great choice of data centre products
Whatever type of data products that any particular Birmingham business wants, it is likely to be able to get hold of them thanks to us at Data Centre Shop. That’s because we stock a vast range of data centre products that have been made by a good variety of companies. These products range from blade servers and rack servers made by Hewlett-Packard through to NetApp data storage systems and networking devices including switches, firewalls and routers.

There is also a great choice of data centre services for Birmingham businesses
Thanks to Proxar IT Consulting, Data Centre Shop’s partner company, many Birmingham businesses can also choose from many different data centre services. These services include IT consultancy services, 24/7 support services, network management services and installation services. We have made it possible for Birmingham businesses to use the Data Centre Shop website to click through to a comprehensive amount of information about each of these types of services; therefore, such businesses should be able to have many questions that they might have about these services answered either by reading this information or by contacting Proxar IT Consultancy. We at Data Centre Shop like to think that we could help not only Birmingham businesses, but also the city as a whole, to grow economically long into the future!

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