Why products we offer can help make the Chocolate City even yummier

In case the title of this blog post has confused you – no, we aren’t referring to a city that is literally made of chocolate. We are instead simply using one of the nicknames for the much-loved northern city of York – which, since the 19th century, has become well known as a base for the manufacture of confectionary. This also inspired the name of the chocolate bar Yorkie! However, thanks to the impressive range of data centre products that we at Data Centre Shop offer, ….which have been made by big name companies including HP, Juniper and APC, we can help to make York more yummy in a sense unrelated to chocolate or sweets.

A population that has hugely grown and could hugely grow further

The city was established by the Romans in 71 AD and was initially called Eboracum; it has certainly hugely grown in population since then! In the 2011 census, the population of the city’s urban area was recorded as 153,717, while the larger unitary authority of the City of York, which also includes rural areas outside the old city boundaries, was estimated to have, in 2010, a population of 202,400. Furthermore, the city regularly attracts many tourists, thanks largely to its awe-inspiring historical structures such as York Minster and Clifford’s Tower. Many people who visit York could, likely inspired by attractions like these, be tempted to make permanent moves to the city in future.

Good data centre products can help make the Chocolate City even sweeter

Why do we mention that many people live in York and many other people could later opt to live there? Because it helps to explain why improving the provision of data centre services in York could be wise for many companies. Many people currently living in York could be eager to use such services and the number of people who are so eager could see growth along with the likely future growth of the Chocolate City’s population. The data centre products that we stock and could help to enhance data centre services in York include routers, switches and blade and rack servers.

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