KEMP LoadMaster for Bare Metal LMB-10G

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KEMP Part Number: LMB-10G

LoadMaster for Bare Metal LMB-10G – The LMB-10G software-based LoadMaster scales to 10Gb throughput and 20,000 SSL TPS making it the natural bare metal application delivery solution for large enterprise and service provider deployments.

  • Max 10 Gbps Throughput*
  • SSL Transactions Per/Second (TPS): 20,000
  • Supports Up to 1000 Virtual IPs (VIP) and 1000 Real IPs (RIP)

Bare metal installation of LMOS (LoadMaster Operating System) on common server hardware platforms provides comprehensive application load balancing, high availability, security, workflow visibility and traffic acceleration when the highest performance is required.

*Actual performance based on allocated hardware resources

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