HPE D6000 Dual I/O Module Disk Enclosure

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HPE Part Number: QQ695A

HP D6000 Dual I/O Module Disk Enclosure

Finding it difficult to keep up with the growth in unstructured data? Looking for a cost-effective high capacity storage option? With the 6 Gb/s SAS HP D6000 Disk Enclosure, HP extends and redefines direct-attached storage for BladeSystem servers, combining the simplicity and cost effectiveness of direct-attached storage without sacrificing flexibility or performance. Use the D6000 as part of a straight-forward in-rack 6 Gb/s SAS implementation that delivers high-density, low-cost external zoned direct attach storage for HP BladeSystem servers. Easily configure storage on the fly with easy to use management software.


High-density, Low-cost External SAS Storage for BladeSystem Servers

The 6 Gb/s SAS D6000 is designed with two pull-out disk drawers to support hot plug large form factor SAS or SAS MDL drives in just 5U of rack space for customers requiring dense storage option with lowest acquisition cost that optimizes cost per U.
The simplicity of an in-rack storage solution eliminates expense and complexity from the storage architecture; just a Smart Array P721m Controller in the blade server, 6 Gb/s SAS BL switches in the blade enclosure connected to up to six D6000.
Supports up to six D6000 from a single BladeSystem enclosure providing up to 1260 TB of in-rack storage for customers requiring high-density, low-cost storage.


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