HP 1205GB Multi Level Cell G2 PCIe ioDrive2 for ProLiant Servers

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MPN: 673646-B21
GTIN: 4948382880666
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HP Part Number: 673646-B21

HP IO Accelerators for ProLiant Servers are PCIe card-based direct-attach solid state storage technology solutions for application performance enhancement. Based on Multi-Level Cell (MLC) and Single Level Cell (SLC) NAND Flash technology, these devices are ideal for low latency workloads requiring high transaction rates and real-time data access.
HP IO Accelerators provide low latency and high performance IO for datacenter systems.
High performance IO solutions for database workloads, virtualization, and data analytics. Reduced time for data center maintenance tasks such as backups, recoveries, and batch jobs.
Performance: As low as 15 microsecond write latency, up to 935,000 write IOPS, up to 892,000 read IOPS, up to 3 GB/s Bandwidth.
Industry-leading capacity: Up to 3.0 TB.
Enterprise Endurance: Wear leveling, predictive monitoring and management, and warranty forecasting.
Enterprise Reliability: Adaptive flashback technology for on-card redundancy with no downtime on multi-chip failures.

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