F5 BIG-IP i15600 Advanced Web Application Firewall

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MPN: F5-BIG-AWF-I15600
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F5 Part Number: F5-BIG-AWF-I15600

BIG-IP i15600 Advanced Web Application Firewall (512 GB Memory, SSD, Base SSL, Base Compression, Dual AC Power Supplies)

The BIG-IP i15000 Series is our highest performing appliance, designed for large enterprises and service providers. It delivers high-end performance for security and services in a 2 RU form factor. With 300M L4 concurrent connections, the i15x00 enables consolidation of multiple services on a single device, including TCP/IP optimization, traffic steering, Firewall, DDoS, CGNAT, and DNS. The series has the highest L4 throughput available in an appliance, supporting 320/160G of L4/L7 throughput and up to 10M L7 RPS. The series has quadruple TurboFlex FPGAs, 2x 14-Core Intel Xeon processors, 1.6TB of available use storage space, and 512GB DDR4 RAM. 4x 100G and 8x 40G fiber ports provide the highest density of high speed ports per rack unit available.

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