F5 BIG-IP i11800 Advanced Web Application Firewall Turbo SSL (Dual SSD)

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F5 Part Number: F5-BIG-AWF-I11800-DS

BIG-IP i11800 Advanced Web Application Firewall Turbo SSL (256 GB Memory, Dual SSD, Max SSL, Max Compression, vCMP, Dual AC Power Su pplies)

The BIG-IP i11000 series is our line of high-performance ADC appliances, designed for large enterprises and service providers. The i11800 offers F5’s highest L7 request-per-sec performance in a 1RU form factor, with dual TurboFlex FPGA’s, 18-Core Intel Xeon processor, 256GB DDR4 RAM, 960GB enterprise class solid-state drive (SSD) and dual 80 Plus Platinum-certified, high-efficiency power supplies. The dedicated crypto-hardware enables SSL offloading and hardware-based support for elliptical curve cryptography (ECC) ciphers. This series also supports up to 180M L4 concurrent connections and up to 32 vADC guests for consolidating application and security services, including L4 – L7 traffic management, DNS, DDoS protection, and web application firewalls.

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