Cisco Catalyst 4500E Series 24-Port GE (SFP) Line Card

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Cisco Part Number: WS-X4724-SFP-E

• 24-port nonblocking SFP line card, providing 24 gigabits per-slot capacity
• Cisco IOS Software Release IOS-XE3.5.0E/15.2(1)E or later
• Support 1G/100FX SFP (mix and match as well) at line rate
• IEEE 802.1AE Fiber Encryption and Cisco TrustSec capability in hardware
• L2-4 Jumbo Frame support (up to 9216 bytes)
• Inherits Supervisor Engine QoS capability
• Supported on all 3, 6, 7 (R-E & R+E) and 10 (R-E & R+E) slot chassis
• Enterprise, mid-market, and commercial core and distribution deployments requiring line-rate capability
• Service provider: GE aggregation for DSLAM/PON/mobile data backhaul

The Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series offers two classes of line cards: classic and E-Series. Classic line cards provide 6 gigabits of switching capacity per slot. E-Series line cards provide increased switching capacity per slot. This increase in per-slot switching capacity with the E-Series line cards requires the Cisco Catalyst 4500E Series chassis and the Cisco Catalyst 4500E Series Supervisor. Two types of E-Series line cards are available based on the per-slot switching capacity. E-Series line cards numbered 47xx operate at 48 gigabits per slot, while E-Series line cards numbered 46xx operate at 24 gigabits per slot. Classic line cards may be deployed in both classic and E-Series chassis with either classic Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series supervisor engines or with the Cisco Catalyst 4500E Series Supervisor Engine. With the E-Series supervisor engine, the per-slot switching capacity for classic line cards remains at 6 gigabits per slot. However, because of the centralized switching architecture of the Cisco Catalyst 4500, the classic line cards will adopt all of the new E-Series supervisor engine features such as eight queues per port, dynamic QoS, and hardware-based IPv6 routing. For more feature details, refer to the E-Series supervisor engine data sheet. Classic line cards and E-Series line cards may be mixed and matched within a Cisco Catalyst 4500E Series chassis with no performance degradation: classic line cards will operate at 6 gigabits per slot, and E-Series line cards operate at either 48 gigabits per slot or 24 gigabits per slot based on whether they belong to the 47xx or 46xx family of line cards.

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