Cisco Nexus 9508 chassis Fabric Module

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MPN: N9K-C9508-FM
GTIN: 0882658638008
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Cisco Part Number: N9K-C9508-FM

A Nexus 9500 Series switch can have up to six fabric modules that all function in active mode. Each fabric module consists of multiple network forwarding engines (NFE), 2 for a Nexus 9508 Switch and 4 for a Nexus 9516 Switch.
For a Nexus 9508 switch, up to twelve NFEs can be available on its fabric models. This provides the required data path bandwidth and packet forwarding capacity to achieve a true non-blocking architecture. Hence the Nexus 9508 can support real line-rate performance, independent of packet size, on all line cards.

The Fabric Module of Nexus 9500 Series Switches performs the following important functions in the modular chassis architecture:
• Provide high-speed non-blocking data forwarding connectivity for line cards. All links on network forwarding engines are active data paths. Each fabric module can provide up to 8 40Gbps links to every line card slot. A nexus 9500 chassis deployed with 6 fabric modules can potentially provide 48 40Gbps fabric paths to each line card slot. This is equivalent to 3.84 Tbps full duplex bandwidth per slot.
• Perform distributed LPM (Longest Prefix Match) routing lookup for IPv4 and IPv6 traffic. LPM forwarding information is stored on fabric modules on a Nexus 9500 Series switch. It supports up to 128K IPv4 prefixes or 32K IPv6 prefixes.
• Perform distributed multicasts lookup and packet replication to send copies of multicast packets to receiving egress NFEs.


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