Cisco Nexus 9300 Fan 1, Cold Air In (blue)

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Cisco Part Number: N9K-C9300-FAN1-B

The Cisco Nexus 9300 switches are designed to adapt to any data centre hot-aisle and cold-aisle configuration. The switches can be installed with ports facing the rear, simplifying cabling of server racks by putting the ports closest to the servers they support. The switches can be installed with the ports facing the front, simplifying the upgrade of existing racks of switches in which network cables are wired to the front of the rack. The two deployment modes support front-to-back cooling through a choice of power supplies and fan trays designed with opposite airflow directions, denoted by red and blue tabs.
To enhance availability, the platform supports 1+1 redundant hot-swappable 80 Plus Platinum-certified power supplies and hot swappable 2+1 redundant fan trays.

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