Cisco Nexus 7700 Switch 10-Slot chassis,Fan Trays, No Power Supply

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MPN: N77-C7710
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Cisco Part Number: N77-C7710

The Cisco Nexus 7700 Switches are the latest extension to the Cisco Nexus 7000 Series modular switches. With more than 83 terabits per second (Tbps) of overall switching capacity, the Cisco Nexus 7700 Switches delivers the highest-capacity 10, 40, and 100 Gigabit Ethernet ports in the industry, with up to 768 native 10-Gbps ports, 384 40-Gbps ports, and 192 100-Gbps ports. This high system capacity is designed to meet the scalability requirements of the largest cloud environments.
The Cisco Nexus 7700 switches have operational and feature consistency with the existing Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches, using a common system architecture, the same application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) technology, and the same proven Cisco NX-OS Software releases.

Powered by Cisco NX-OS, the Cisco Nexus 7700 Switches delivers a comprehensive set of features with nonstop operations in two chassis form factors:
• Cisco Nexus 7700 18-Slot Switch: An 18-slot switch with 18 front-accessible module slots and front-to-back airflow with integrated cable management
• Cisco Nexus 7700 10-Slot Switch: A 10-slot switch with 10 front-accessible module slots with front-to-back airflow and an integrated cable management system
A scalable, fully distributed fabric architecture uses up to six fabric modules to deliver up to 1.32 Tbps per slot of bandwidth in the Cisco Nexus 7700 10 and 18-Slot Switches on day one. The midplane design on the 10-slot and 18-slot chassis supports flexible technology upgrades as your needs change, providing ongoing investment protection. Future fabric modules will allow higher bandwidth capabilities on the platform.

Cisco Nexus 7700 10-Slot Switch
• The Cisco Nexus 7700 10-Slot Switch, with up to eight I/O module slots, supports up to 384 x 1 and 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 192 x 40 Gigabit Ethernet ports, and 96 x 100 Gigabit Ethernet ports, meeting the demands of large data center deployments.
• The Cisco Nexus 7700 10-Slot Switch has two dedicated half-slot supervisors to provide full redundancy, stateful supervisor switchover, and hitless In-Service Software Upgrade (ISSU) capabilities.
• The Cisco Nexus 7710 has six fabric module slots to provide simultaneously active fabric channels to each of the I/O and supervisor modules. Through the parallel forwarding fabric architecture, the Cisco Nexus 7710 can achieve 21 Tbps of forwarding capacity or more.
• Front-to-back airflow helps ensure that the Cisco Nexus 7710 addresses the requirement for hot-aisle and cold-aisle deployments to help provide efficient cooling.
• The system uses three redundant fan trays for cooling. Each fan tray is composed of independent variable-speed fans that automatically adjust to the ambient temperature, helping reduce power consumption in well-managed facilities while helping enable optimum operation of the switch. The system also allows hot swapping of fan trays without negatively affecting the system.
• The system supports an optional door and air filter to help ensure clean airflow through the system. The addition of the air filter satisfies Network Equipment Building Standards (NEBS) requirements.
• The Cisco Nexus 7700 10-Slot Switch can have up to eight 3-kilowatt (kW) power supplies. The smaller power supply configuration provides more flexibility and greater control in power provisioning. The eight power supply bays are designed for future growth, and most common configurations do not require the use of all power supply units for redundant power configurations.
• I/O modules, supervisor modules, and power supplies are accessible from the front, and fabric modules and fan trays are accessible from the back of the chassis.


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