Cisco Nexus 3048 Fan Module, Reversed airflow (port side intake)

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MPN: N3K-C3048-FAN-B=
GTIN: 0882658467073
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Cisco Part Number:  N3K-C3048-FAN-B

The Cisco Nexus 3048 switch ships with one fan tray, which provides forward airflow from the fan tray to the port connector end exhaust (spares part number N3K-C3048-FAN=) or reverse airflow from the port connectors end of the chassis to the fan tray for exhaust (spares part number N3K-C3048-FAN-B). You can hot swap the fan tray during operations but must replace it within two minutes or the switch can reach an overtemperature condition and shut down.
You can order a replacement fan tray with forward airflow or reverse airflow. Be sure to order the same direction of airflow that is used with the switch. If there is a black stripe across the front of the fan trays and power supplies, the switch is running reverse airflow and you must order a fan tray with reverse airflow. If there is no black stripe across the front of these modules, the switch has forward airflow and you must order replacement modules with forward airflow.
The switch must run with all of its power supply and fan tray modules taking in air from a cold aisle and exhausting air to the hot aisle. If they take in air from a hot aisle, an overtemperature condition can occur and the switch will shut down. If the airflow directions are mixed in the same switch, you will see an error.

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