Cisco N2K/3K 400W AC PSU, Reversed airflow (port side intake)

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Cisco Part Number:  N2200-PAC-400W-B

The Cisco Nexus 3000 Series switch has two slots for power supplies that are initially installed with one or two AC or DC power supplies that have forward or reverse airflow for their cooling. The switch requires only one power supply for its operations, but you can include a second one for redundancy.
If the chassis has two power supplies, you can hot swap one of the power supplies during operations. If the chassis has only one power supply, you can install the new power supply in the open slot, turn on that power supply, and then remove the original power supply during operations.
You can order replacement power supplies with front-to-back airflow or back-to-front airflow. Be sure to order the same direction of airflow as is used with the switch. If there is a black stripe across the front of the fan trays and power supplies, the switch is running back-to-front airflow and you must order power supplies with back-to-front airflow. If there is no black stripe across the front of these modules, the switch is running front-to-back airflow and you must order replacement modules with front-to-back airflow.
The switch must run with all of its power supply and fan tray modules taking in air from a cold aisle and exhausting air to the hot aisle. If they take in air from a hot aisle, an overtemperature condition can occur and the switch will shut down. If the airflow directions are mixed in the same switch, you will see an error.
Never leave a power supply slot empty. If you remove a power supply, replace it with another one. If you do not have a replacement power supply, leave the non functioning one in place until you can replace it or fill the slot with a filler blank module (part number N2200-P-BLNK).

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