Cisco ISR 4451 AX Bundle with APP and SEC license

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MPN: ISR4451-X-AX/K9
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Cisco Part Number: ISR4451-X-AX/K9

Bundle Specification: ISR4451 with 4 onboard GE, 3 NIM slots, 1 ISC slot, 2 SM slots, 8 GB Flash Memory default, 2 GB DRAM default (Data Plane), 4 GB DRAM default (Control Plane)
Included licences:
– IP Base License for Cisco ISR 4400 Series – SL-44-IPB-K9
– AppX License for Cisco ISR 4400 Series – SL-44-APP-K9
– Security License for Cisco ISR 4400 Series – SL-44-SEC-K9

The Cisco 4451-X Integrated Services Router revolutionizes the delivery of application-aware services in a branch-office environment. This new member of the Cisco ISR Family provide extensive Layer 7 services hosted internally to the branch office while maximizing operating expenses(OpEx) savings.
The Cisco 4451-X offers a multicore CPU architecture running modular Cisco IOS® XE Software that dynamically adapts to the changing needs of your branch-office environment. The separation of the control and data planes provides the ability to deliver application-aware network services while maintaining a stable platform and a high level of performance during periods of heavy network load. With the ability to integrate application-aware services and the ability to scale performance without a complete equipment upgrade, the Cisco 4451-X offers exceptional total cost of ownership (TCO) savings and network agility through the intelligent integration of market-leading security, unified communications, and application services.
The Cisco 4451-X offers encryption acceleration, voice- and video-capable architecture, application firewall, call processing, and embedded services. In addition, the platform supports a range of wired connectivity options such as T1/E1, T3/E3, and fiber Gigabit Ethernet. This platform offers superior performance and flexibility for network deployments across large enterprise offices.

Cisco 4451-X Business Benefits:
Services integration:
• The Cisco 4451-X Router offers service integration with voice, video, security, data, and embedded services.
• The Cisco 4451-X provides the highest performance among the routers in the Cisco ISR portfolio, enabling you to maximize services integration and reducing overall capital expenditures (CapEx) and OpEx.
Services on demand:
• The Cisco 4451-X industry-first internal services plane allows for remote installation of application-aware services without compromise. Applications run and are managed identically to their counterparts in dedicated appliances.
• A single Cisco IOSXE Software Universal image is installed on each Cisco ISR. The Universal image contains all of the Cisco IOS XE Software technology sets, which you can activate with a software license. With the Universal image your business can quickly deploy advanced features without downloading a new Cisco IOS XE Software image.
• The Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) E-Series modules allow you to reduce CapEx and deploy a variety of application services in an integrated general-purpose server.
High performance with integrated services:
• The Cisco 4451-X enables deployment in high-speed WAN environments with concurrent services enabled up to 2Gbps.
• The backplane architecture enables high-bandwidth module-to-module communication up to 10 Gbps without compromising router performance.
Network agility:
• The Cisco 4451-X gives you the performance and services needed to accommodate the changes in the business environment brought about by the migration to cloud-based services.
• Performance-on-demand licensing increases the router capacity without any hardware upgrades.
• Dual integrated power supplies provide power redundancy and industry-leading power efficiency.
• Modular interfaces offer increased bandwidth, a diversity of connection options, and network resiliency.
Investment protection:
• The Cisco 4451-X maximizes investment protection by supporting a rich set of Cisco IOS XE Software features delivered in a single, universal image.
• The Cisco 4451-X offers extensive growth possibilities as your network expands:
• The performance-on-demand licensing enables flexibility for future upgrades.
• Module density provides flexibility to add services as your business needs expand.

The Cisco 4451-X delivers innovative technologies running on industry-leading Cisco IOS XE Software. Cisco IOS XE Software is designed to provide modular packaging, feature velocity, and powerful resiliency. Developed for wide deployment in the world’s most demanding enterprise, access, and service provider networks, Cisco IOS XE Software releases support a comprehensive portfolio of Cisco technologies. New innovations span multiple technology areas, including security, voice, high availability, IP Routing, IP Multicast, quality of service (QoS), IP Mobility, Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), VPNs, and embedded management.

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