Cisco CRS3-FC24= CRS-3 24-Slot Fabric-Card Chassis

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Cisco Part Number: CRS3-FC24=

CRS-3 Fabric Chassis 24-Slot System (complete FCC)

The Cisco® CRS-3 Carrier Routing System offers industry-leading performance, advanced services intelligence, an environmentally conscious design, and system longevity. The Cisco CRS-3 is powered by the Cisco QuantumFlow Array – a chipset architecture based on multidimensional engineering and Cisco IOS® XR Software, a unique self-healing, distributed operating system.

Packet-based data communications are being replaced by video and rich media traversing the IP Next-Generation Network (NGN) in multiple directions, straining the architectural foundations of both public and private networks serving businesses and consumers. As part of the medianet, a media-aware Cisco IP NGN, the Cisco CRS-3 delivers continuous, always-on operations and scales easily from numerous single-chassis form factors to a massive multi-chassis system. Its highly efficient design conserves power, cooling, and rack-space resources while optimizing bandwidth capacity. The Cisco CRS-3 is compatible with the CRS-1, protecting investments for decades to come.

This data sheet provides detailed product specifications for the Cisco CRS-3 24-Slot Fabric-Card Chassis (FCC). This FCC is an important element of the Cisco CRS-3 multichassis system because it contains the second-stage switching fabric that interconnects multiple Cisco CRS-3 16-slot single-shelf systems. The interconnectivity of FCCs and Cisco CRS-3 16-slot single-shelf systems allows the Cisco CRS-3 to gracefully scale from 4.48 to 322 Tbps of system capacity.

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