Cisco CRS Flexible SPA and 6-port 10GE PLIM

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Cisco Part Number: 6-10GE-WLO-FLEX

The Cisco CRS Flexible PLIM is a Next Generation PLIM, which provides the flexibility and supports both: Cisco SPA (Shared Port Adapter) as well as integrated 10GE ports built into the PLIM itself. With four SPA bays available in the PLIM, those customers with any existing SPA install base can migrate their SPA infrastructure to CRS. With the CRS Flexible PLIM, the customers can also utilize built-in 6-ports of 10GE. These 6 x 10GE ports support multiple framing options including the new OTN framing on top of the WAN and LAN PHY framing. Also, the 10GE ports will support Tunable DWDM optics, turning the 6-ports into 10GE IPoDWDM interfaces.

The Cisco CRS Flexible PLIM provides the following features.
• Four SPA bays
• Six 10GE ports fixed in the faceplate
• DWDM Tunable Optics support
• LAN/WAN/OTN Framing support
With the features listed above, Cisco CRS Flexible PLIM provides the following benefits.
• Cisco CRS Flexible PLIM extends the current generation of the Cisco® I-Flex design combining shared port adapters (SPAs) and SPA interface processors (SIPs), leveraging an extensible design that enables service prioritization for voice, video and data services.
• Enterprise and service provider customers can take advantage of improved slot economics resulting from modular port adapters that are interchangeable across Cisco routing platforms.
• Investment protection on the existing SPA interfaces from CRS-1, GSR and 7600 platforms
• Low speed interface support on CRS next work infrastructure
• 10 Gigabit OTN framing support in addition to LAN/WAN Phy support on CRS platform
• Up to six 10GE IPoDWDM interfaces with DWDM Tunable optics
• Slot consolidation with SPA and 10GE interfaces on the same slots on CRS systems

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