Cisco CRS-FCC-ACKIT-M CRS Modular Power System

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Cisco Part Number: CRS-FCC-ACKIT-M=

CRS Modular power AC kit for Fabric Chassis, 9KW

Packet-based data communications are being replaced by video and rich media traversing the IP Next-Generation Network (NGN) in multiple directions, straining the architectural foundations of both public and private networks serving businesses and consumers. As part of the medianet, a media-aware Cisco IP NGN, the Cisco CRS delivers continuous, always-on operations and scales easily from numerous single-chassis form factors to a massive multi-chassis system. Its design provides an industry-leading efficiency consuming lowest power, cooling, and rack-space resources for an intelligent service-rich bandwidth capacity. The CRS-3 platform builds on the CRS-1 being backward and forward compatible, protecting existing and future investments for decades to come.

The Cisco CRS Modular Power System offers the following key benefits:
• Modular design for easy power-capacity growth
• Pay-as-you-grow model (add power in tandem with bandwidth-capacity increase)
• Standard power module across 8 slots, 16 slots, and fabric chassis
• Single-phase AC input allowing granular addition of power module
• Two shelves per chassis, providing 1+1 redundancy
• Non-disruptive, hitless upgrade of modules
• No power zone restrictions
• Reduced maximum power capacity requirements for lower operational expenses
• Intelligent control with Power Management Software(future)

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