Cisco CRS Carrier Grade Services Engine PLUS (CGSE-PLUS) Card

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Cisco Part Number: CRS-CGSE-PLUS

Cisco CRS Carrier Grade Services Engine PLUS (CGSE-PLUS) Card

The Cisco® Carrier Routing System (CRS) offers industry-leading performance, advanced services intelligence, environmentally conscious design, and system longevity. The Cisco CRS is powered by an advanced chipset architecture based on multidimensional engineering and Cisco IOS® XR Software, which is a unique self-healing, distributed operating system.
Packet-based data communications is being replaced by video and multimedia transported over the IP next-generation network (NGN) in multiple directions. This changing traffic pattern poses new challenges for the architectural foundations of both public and private networks that serve businesses and consumers. As part of the medianet, a media-aware Cisco IP NGN, the Cisco CRS delivers highly reliable operations and scales easily from single-chassis form factors to a massive multichassis system. Its design provides industry-leading efficiency, with exceptionally low consumption of power, cooling, and rack-space, while delivering the bandwidth and intelligence required for multimedia services.
The Cisco CRS-3 model builds on the CRS-1. It is backward-compatible and forward-compatible to help protect existing and future investments for decades to come. The Cisco CRS Carrier Grade Services Engine PLUS (CGSE-PLUS) is an important element of the Cisco High-Scalability Solution. The Cisco CGSE-PLUS hardware is an integrated multi-CPU service module offering carrier-class performance and scale. The Cisco CGSE-PLUS is designed for IP NGNs that can integrate routing with several intelligent applications. The Cisco CGSE-PLUS can run Cisco Open Network Environment Platform Kit (Cisco OnePK) applications, software-defined networking (SDN) applications, analytics applications, Cisco Carrier-Grade IPv6 Solution applications, and anti-distributed denial of service (DDoS) applications.
The Cisco CGSE-PLUS is a single-slot module supported on all Cisco CRS-1 and Cisco CRS-3 models. The Cisco CGSE-PLUS is second-generation hardware for the Cisco Carrier Grade Services Engine (CGSE) Physical Layer Interface Module (PLIM) that was released in November 2010.

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