Cisco CRS-8/S-B CRS 8-Slot Single Shelf System

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Cisco Part Number: CRS-8/S-B

Cisco CRS-8/S-B CRS 8-Slot Single Shelf System

Packet-based data communications are being replaced by video and interactive multimedia transported on the Next-Generation Network (NGN) in multiple directions. This new traffic strains the architectural foundations of both public and private networks serving businesses and consumers. As part of a media-aware Cisco Next Generation Network, the Cisco CRS delivers highly reliable operations and scales easily from single-chassis form factors to a massive multi-chassis system. The Cisco CRS also referred to as the CRS-1, CRS-3, and CRS-X is a system that is both forward and backward compatible, built for investment protection and designed to provide industry-leading efficiencies in scaling, energy use, cooling, and rack-space resources.

The Cisco CRS 8-Slot Single-Shelf System (Figure 1) offers many advantages:
• The system is powered by a chipset architecture engineered for the Cisco CRS Router Family, which provides higher bandwidth than competing products, without compromising service performance. The Cisco CRS chipset is based on multidimensional engineering that includes several functional components working in tandem throughout the platform.
• The system uses Cisco IOS XR Software, the only fully modular, fully distributed internetwork operating system using a memory-protected, microkernel-based architecture and control-plane distribution that allows the system to scale and provide always-on operation.
• This single-shelf system is compatible with existing and future line cards of the Cisco CRS Family.
• The fully redundant carrier-class configuration supports in-service upgrades from 40 Gbps to 400 Gbps per slot.
• Integrated technology includes IP and Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) routing, IP over dense wavelength-division multiplexing (IPoDWDM), network virtualization with secure domain routers (SDRs), fabric multicast replication, fabric quality of service (QoS), Cisco NetFlow accounting, and Carrier-Grade IPv6 (CGv6) to provide an outstanding quality of experience (QoE) at the lowest possible total cost of ownership (TCO).
• The system can also scale with back-to-back system capability, connecting two CRS 8-Slot Chassis directly, using switch fabric cards and optical cables to form a single logical system.

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