Cisco CRS-3 Label Switch Processor

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Cisco Part Number: CRS-LSP

The Cisco CRS-3 Label Switch Processor provides 140-Gbps distributed forwarding engine capability for the Cisco CRS Family. The label switch processor allows a Flexible Packet Transport solution and is responsible for forwarding processing tasks, handling all network traffic flows through the data plane. Distinctive features of the label switch processor include the ability to switch Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) traffic at high throughput and low latency and jitter, immediate scalability to hundreds of thousands of Label Switched Paths (LSPs).

The Label Switch Processor offers many advantages:
• Powered by QuantumFlow Array, one of the world’s most sophisticated chipset architectures, which includes a 140-Gbps application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) based on 65-nanometer (nm) technology; QuantumFlow Array was engineered for the Cisco CRS Family of routers to provide higher bandwidth without compromising service performance
• Supported across all the Cisco CRS-1 and CRS-3 form factors: 4-slot, 8-slot, 16-slot, and multi-chassis
• Scales the Cisco CRS per-slot forwarding capacity 3.5 times from 40 Gbps to 140 Gbps
• Always paired with an interface module through the chassis midplane, thus occupying one-half of a slot
• Can be paired with a variety of interface modules, providing deployment flexibility
• Can be mixed with 40-Gbps-per-slot modules occupying other slots in the chassis
• Features two 140-Gbps forwarding ASICs for discrete ingress and egress packet handling
• Single-flow traffic processing at 140 Gbps in each direction
• Enhanced onboard multicore CPU for accelerated software processing
• Optimized for label switching functions in a service provider’s network
• Packet Transport forwarding engine with industry-leading, wire-rate performance at 140 Gbps
• Additional services such as class of service (CoS) processing, multicast, traffic engineering, and statistics gathering, all performed at line-rate 140 Gbps
• Support for up to 8 queues per port
• Scale for hundreds of thousands of LSPs and traffic engineering midpoints
• Built-in support for carrier-class high availability with fast reroute (FRR) capability, providing guaranteed restoration in 50 ms in case of link and node failures
• Built-in hardware acceleration for critical network control traffic
• Built-in support for video monitoring for a comprehensive video quality of experience (QoE)
• Accurate hardware-assisted time-stamping support for service-level agreement (SLA) monitoring
• Industry-leading environmental efficiency with a lower power and weight profile

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