Cisco Catalyst 6500 8700W Enhanced AC Power Supply

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SKU: IM#677C883
MPN: WS-CAC-8700W-E=
GTIN: 0882658082962
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Cisco Part Number:  WS-CAC-8700W-E=

The 8700 W AC-input power supply, shares a similar, but not identical, form-factor as the 1000 W, 1300 W, 2500 W, 3000 W, 4000 W, and 6000 W power supplies.

Because of the form-factor difference, when you install an 8700 W power supply in a Catalyst 6506, Catalyst 6509, or Catalyst 6509-NEB chassis you must relocate the system ground connection from the chassis ground pad connection to the two system ground studs located on the 8700 W power supply faceplate. Installing an 8700 W power supply in the other Catalyst 6500 series chassis does not require that you move the chassis system ground connection to the power supply.

The 8700 W power supply cannot be installed in the Catalyst 6503, Catalyst 6503-E, and Catalyst 6504-E switch chassis.

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