Cisco Catalyst 6500 Enhanced 6-slot chassis 12RU

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MPN: WS-C6506-E=
GTIN: 0882658480324
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Cisco Part Number:  WS-C6506-E=

The new 6- and 9-slot chassis (part numbers 6506-E and 6509-E) offer enhancements that increase the overall system power capacity for industry-leading power over Ethernet (PoE) port-density scalability. Continuing with the Cisco Catalyst 6500 tradition of unmatched investment protection, all existing supervisors, line cards, switch fabrics, and even software releases are supported in the new E-series chassis.


• The new chassis are similar to existing 3-, 6-, and 9- chassis, with full support for all existing supervisors, line cards, switch fabrics, and even software releases.

• The new chassis are backward-compatible with all existing software versions (details in the software requirements table). Future software releases will be available to enable new features, such as new power supplies.

• The 3-slot chassis supports CEF720 line cards such as the WS-6704-10GE, WS-6724-SFP, and WS-6748-SFP.

• The 6- and 9-slot chassis are designed to scale beyond 4000W power supply configurations. In the future they will support 6000W power supplies.

• The minimum power supply required is 2500W or higher (AC or DC) for the 6- and 9-slot chassis.

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