Cisco Catalyst 4500E Series 12-Port 10 GE Fiber Line Card

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MPN: WS-X4712-SFP+E=
GTIN: 0882658345500
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Cisco Part Number:  WS-X4712-SFP+E=

• 48 gigabits per-slot capacity
• Bandwidth is allocated across four 3-port groups, providing 12 Gbps per port group (2.5:1)
• Up to 12 ports 10GE SFP+ (10GBASE-R) or 12 ports GE SFP (1GBASE-X)
• SFP+ and SFP can be used simultaneously on the same line card without any restrictions
• Cisco IOS XE Release 3.1.0SG or later
• IEEE 802.1AE and Cisco TrustSec capability in hardware
• L2-4 Jumbo Frame support (up to 9216 bytes)
• Enterprise and commercial: designed for high-speed backbone and switch-to-switch applications
• Service provider: 10GE/GE mix aggregation for DSLAM/PON/mobile data backhaul
• WS-X4712-SFP+E is not supported on 4507R-E and 4510R-E chassis

Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series Switches offer an extensive line of modules that support numerous speeds and physical media combinations. These line cards are functionally transparent; all the packet processing, queuing, buffering, and QoS occur in the supervisor engine. To that end, both classic and E-Series line cards acquire the features and capabilities of the installed supervisor engine. For example, a classic line card previously deployed with a classic supervisor engine using four queues per port will automatically have capability for eight queues per port if redeployed with a Supervisor Engine 7-E/6-E. This architecture enables customers to easily upgrade all Ethernet line cards on their Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series systems to higher layer switching functions by adding a new supervisor engine. The simple design of the line cards results in a very high mean time between failures (MTBF), helping ensure high availability for a single connection to an end user.

The Cisco Catalyst 4500E Series 12-port 10 Gigabit Ethernet line card (2.5:1 oversubscribed) can be deployed for high-performance and high-density 10 Gigabit Ethernet aggregation in the campus and in small to medium-sized networks as a core switch. The Cisco Catalyst 4500E Series 12-port 10 Gigabit Ethernet line card supports standard Small Form-Factor Pluggable Plus (SFP+) optics. The ports can be used interchangeably as Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet to support phased migration from Gigabit Ethernet to 10 Gigabit Ethernet.

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