Payment & Delivery

You have many options for the payment for, and delivery of, your goods when you purchase online with Data Centre Shop. We make use of 128-bit encryption technology to give you particular peace of mind when you are placing your order and submitting sensitive personal information such as your name, address and credit card number.

Not only that, but we also provide affordable, safe and rapid delivery of your order, making use of either your own choice of carrier or ours.

Paying online for orders under the value of £10,000 using Visa, MasterCard or AMEX

When paying online for orders under the value of £10,000, we advise you to use Visa, MasterCard or AMEX. These already afford you a certain level of convenience over other payment types, not least as such payment methods are so widely recognised – Visa, for example, accounts for more than half of all e-commerce transactions.

One thing that may not be so widely recognised, however, is the level of security – and therefore peace of mind – that such payment methods also make possible. Visa, for example, has introduced the Verified by Visa service that uses your own password to protect your card details, with MasterCard offering the equivalent SecureCode service for preventing the unauthorised use of your card.

You can make your payment by placing an order, navigating to the ‘checkout’ page and entering all of your required card details, at which point you should also – presuming that you have first signed up with your card issuer – be prompted to enter your password or SecureCode.

Paying by Bank Transfer and proforma invoice for all orders above £10,000

If you are placing an order with us for more than £10,000, then we would customarily recommend that you do so via bank transfer and proforma invoice. The latter is simply the term for the type of invoice with which you will be issued by us, and that will need to be paid, prior to the dispatch of your goods. Once you have made your proforma payment, we will issue you with a confirmation of receipt.

You can make your payment by bank transfer either in person in your local bank branch, or by using your online banking service. Either way, payment by bank transfer offers several advantages, including flexibility in terms of how it is done, not to mention a high level of security. Your payment should be quickly cleared into our bank account, and nor will you need to reveal any of your personal details to us.

As part of the process of paying via bank transfer, you will need to fill out various details about us, including our bank name (the name of our bank), payee name (our name), sort code and account number, as well as an IBAN and SWIFT if you are making an international payment. In any case, a reference – such as a client ID or domain name – will be required with your bank transfer so that your payment can be applied to the proforma invoice.


Once you have placed your order and the payment has been processed, the next stage is to arrange and await delivery, with the dispatch taking place from our own warehouse. Unless you advise us otherwise, delivery will be by a carrier of our own choice (by Parcel Force). You are able to notify us in writing of any mis-delivery or damage to your products within 5 working days of the date of our invoice.

On the completion of your order, we will provide you with estimated dates for the delivery of your products, and you will need to sign the delivery note (proof of delivery) on their arrival. Normally if you place an order before 3 pm, it will be delivered to you on next working day. If it’s after 3 pm it will be delivered on second working day. It is also possible for us to deliver products in instalments, as and when you need them. In the event that you receive the wrong products or are charged incorrectly, we will be happy to replace the product, but may charge you additional fees for return transportation and administrative expenses. Nor will we reimburse original carriage costs.