Network operator makes changes to Tanzania data centre following fire damage

Cellular network company Vodacom Tanzania has ordered a new energy centre from the Sweden-based data centres developer Flexenclosure following a fire at the former company’s data centre in Dar es Salaam, the largest city in the East Africa country of Tanzania. In August 2013, this fire damaged this data centre’s energy centre, the area of the facility where the equipment necessary for powering the network infrastructure was installed. All the way from our base in the UK, we send our best wishes to Vodacom Tanzania and hope that the new energy centre will help them to maintain and enhance the quality of the services that they provide to millions of people in Tanzania.

Natural and not-so-natural beauty to be preserved

There is undoubtedly much natural beauty that can be enjoyed in Tanzania. The country lies in the African Great Lakes region and the Indian Ocean forms the country’s eastern border. Tanzania is also particularly famous for being the location of Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro. This natural beauty has been well-preserved, and Flexenclosure are set to help Vodacom Tanzania to preserve much beauty of a less natural kind. Flexenclosure are set to help in this way by providing the other company with two separate eCentre energy centre modules. The eCentre used by Vodacom is energy efficient; and, indeed, energy efficiency can also be achieved in data centres through use of high quality data centre products like those available from Data Centre Shop.

A better quality energy centre for a successful Tanzania network operator

The fire which damaged the energy centre in the Dar es Salaam data centre had been battery-related. The better quality energy centre that will be installed by Flexenclosure will have separate rooms and fire zones to assist in isolating potential single failure points and, in the process, reduce the likelihood of Vodacom Tanzania’s business continuity being adversely affected should an accident occur again. As a result, if another fire or similar incident occurs at the energy centre, Vodacom Tanzania’s customers should still be able to use the company’s services as effectively as they had been able to before.

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