Network Management

When Data Centre Shop customers require services in network management, they have the option of turning to our partner company Proxar IT Consulting. The company knows just how integral a role your firm’s network plays in its ultimate productivity and revenues, and offers its many related services at a fixed fee.

Proxar is knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to all key aspects of IT network management, providing all of the services that your firm will require if it is to keep its network scalable and reliable, in addition to delivering the right performance levels.

IT network management services

Your commitment to your data centre network is not simply restricted to its design and implementation, for the simple reason that you will also need to invest time, money and energy into IT network management and maintenance. These aren’t needs that can be simply catered for by ‘ad hoc’ IT consulting services, instead making necessary a Network Operation Center.

You may have a small network of 30 servers or less, or you may have a larger infrastructure that would particularly benefit from 24 hour monitoring… but either way, it is certainly more cost-effective and efficient to find a third party to which to outsource services in IT network management and monitoring. With expertise in most aspects of data centre networking and Linux/UNIX systems administration, Proxar is the perfect choice of firm if you are anxious to ensure that your IT infrastructure remains reliable and stable.

Network monitoring services

No company can afford to invest in a data centre design without also investing in the highest standard of expert monitoring. Problems with your data centre can be caused by the likes of crashed servers, lost network connections, overloaded systems or even virus or malware infections, and when they occur, you’ll want to be notified as a matter of urgency, whether in the form of a phone call, electronic message or alarm.

Proxar knows all about the advantages and disadvantages of various network monitoring tools… which is one reason why it has actually used this expertise in such areas as Cisco Network, Red Hat Linux and open-source software to build a monitoring platform of its own. The company offers monitoring consulting services encompassing servers, hardware, networking devices, operating systems and applications, and can either use its own platform or install one inside your own infrastructure.

IT project management services

A high standard of project management is vital for any IT project that your company may be taking on, regardless of the exact business sector and whether it is in the public or private sector. You are therefore likely to appreciate the services of a firm like Proxar that has a strong and long-established track record for delivering projects of various types and sizes, within an agreed timescale and budget.

Indeed, Proxar’s many years of project management experience have taught it to manage all of the various logistics and resources that are relevant to a given project, with a high standard of capacity planning and a careful consideration of security aspects helping to ensure that projects are delivered with minimum disruption. It is as part of Proxar’s services in IT project management that it allows sufficient time for testing and retesting, which only further increases the quality of the final outcome.

Fixed fee network management

Proxar may offer a wide range of network consulting services, encompassing a great amount of experience and expertise in not only management, but also design, implementation and ongoing support. However, these benefits are of ultimately little value if the company’s pricing structure does not also match your needs. Indeed, many providers of network management services will happily charge by the hour or day, mindful that they can extract more money from their clients in the event that an agreed deadline is overrun.

This is not a worry that you’ll have when you seek network management services from Proxar. That’s because the firm not only works on the basis of pre-agreed fixed fees – free of the nasty hidden costs that hamper the financial planning of many firms with often unforeseen IT issues – but also has a 100% record in its meeting of deadlines.

Contact Proxar about network management

Get in touch with Proxar for more information about the benefits of its network management services, on 0844 809 4335.

The company has expertise in such areas as network design and network security consulting, as well as those that relate to certain hardware or software, such as Cisco consulting services – including Cisco Nexus consulting – and Red Hat consultancy services.