Network design, procurement and installation from one provider

When your medium to large business next needs to invest in network products, would you not prefer them to come from a company that has already spent years building a formidable reputation in the field… one that oversees the complete process of network design, procurement and installation?If so, that is certainly the offering of Data Centre Shop, given that it is merely the procurement arm of the highly rated Proxar IT Consulting. Proxar IT Consulting was established in 2008, with a particular focus on network design and security. It was not initially involved in procurement, but decided to enter this field in response to demand from customers, who often required partial or complete hardware upgrades for their data centre projects.

Data Centre Shop… leading network equipment procurement
The result is an online store, Data Centre Shop, that allows both seasoned Proxar IT Consulting clients and newcomer medium and large firms to avoid grey network equipment and benefit from the very highest standard of procurement and installation, in relation to products from such leading networking vendors as HP, Dell, Juniper, EMC2, Checkpoint and APC.
Prospective users of Cisco equipment can be especially reassured by Proxar Ltd’s status as a Cisco Certified Reseller and Partner since 2008, meaning that customers receive the highest quality, genuine products as well as efficient and appropriate vendor support.
The accreditation of Data Centre Shop’s employees by multiple vendors including Cisco and Red Hat, means that they can give that all-important second opinion on such aspects as the design, installation, maintenance and support needs for the routers, switches, modules and other networking products that you have just purchased.

Don’t look anywhere else for installation services
The establishment of Data Centre Shop alongside Proxar IT Consulting really does provide the ambitious medium to large firm with the one-stop shop for network design, procurement and installation expertise. The high reputation of Proxar IT Consulting in the networking field means that customers can not only look forward to the best quality products, but also expect them to be installed by the best-qualified people, and in the most cost-effective and professional manner.
For a genuinely fixed fee, Proxar IT Consulting brings to bear all of its considerable expertise and experience in network and server implementation, in line with your exact business requirements. Our engineers are responsive and know all about the most recent and relevant technological developments. They will carefully scrutinise your physical infrastructure in such processes as the installation of network interface cards, the running of wiring and the connection of servers with routers and switches.
When network design and implementation has been carried out by the most capable engineers, you can expect far fewer technical issues later on, and therefore less costly troubleshooting, especially once higher-level components begin to be introduced. Proxar IT Consulting’s engineers are simply better organised than those of any other company.

Don’t overlook us for IT network design
Wherever you are in London or the wider UK, as a medium to large business, you will periodically need to refresh your network infrastructure. The best IT network consultants will be able to oversee the construction of new infrastructure for your firm, without your day-to-day operations even being affected.
Proxar IT Consulting’s network designers may specialise in Cisco systems, but they also have all-encompassing knowhow and experience in the building of both WAN (Wide Area Networks) and LAN (Local Area Networks). The result is that we can build you a secure, high-performance platform that complies with common networking standards and policies, with in-depth areas of expertise in the likes of data centre network design and PCI DSS network design.
How many network procurement specialists can truly offer you all of these services to such a high standard? Rest assured that Data Centre Shop can. Contact us now for more information.

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