London university invests in modelling software to help data centre design students

Though the UK has many good reasons to be proud of the data centres that it currently uses, those reasons including many of those centres’ uses of highly advanced data centre products, it is crucial that there is always an eye on the future of the UK data centre industry. High standards in the industry need to be continually built upon to assist the UK in its corporate and economic competitiveness. It should be understandable, then, why we at Data Centre Shop are pleased to have learned that London South Bank University has recently spent money on modelling software to help their data centre design students to conduct research that is more industry-relevant.

Common problems for which there is now a great solution

The data centre design courses provided by the university, which is located in the London Borough of Southwark and commonly dubbed LSBU, include Building Services Engineering and Sustainable Energy Systems. Students on the courses previously had to use spreadsheets to manually predict and evaluate data centre performance, a process that not only was time consuming but led to predictions the accuracy of which was difficult to ensure.

However, LSBU’s Dr Issa Chaer revealed that these students can now benefit from the Romonet Software Suite. This software suite, according to Chaer, enables students to use data from real environments to better judge how a data centre currently performs and how different cooling technologies might affect how it performs in future. The software also enables students to calculate the financial costs of making changes to a data centre’s environment. Chaer has enthused that the introduction of this software to the students is “about enhancing students’ experience” and providing them with “an overview of how the various systems in the data centre integrate together and the best way to save energy and reduce carbon emissions.”

A more promising future for the data centre industry

Zahl Limbuwala, Romonet’s CEO, has expressed his company’s hope “that the data centre industry as a whole will benefit from the studies undertaken by London South Bank University”. We at Data Centre Shop echo these words.

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