Why many Newcastle companies could succeed more thanks to Data Centre Shop

Newcastle has given the world many famous icons, including the Premier League football club Newcastle United, leading beer brand Newcastle Brown Ale and the world’s most popular half marathon, the Great North Run. Though the city has been historically famous for being a major centre for coal mining and manufacturing, its biggest industries today include office and service industries. Newcastle-based companies in these areas can often benefit from… great data centre equipment, which begins to explain why such companies could thrive thanks to Data Centre Shop.

We can help Newcastle businesses in a variety of ways

Newcastle is the most significant part of the Tyneside conurbation, which is the country’s seventh most populous conurbation, and the city contributes, as part of Tyneside, about £13 billion to the UK GVA. Hence, it should hardly be surprising that the city is home to many businesses that could develop thanks to assistance from Data Centre Shop.

We can provide many different forms of assistance to these companies. We can, for example, supply them with a wide range of data centre equipment, including firewalls, servers and storage devices. Furthermore, such equipment is from big name companies including Cisco and HP. We can also help many Newcastle businesses to get the best out of data centre products that they have purchased from Data Centre Shop. This is because we are a Cisco Select Certified Partner, Red Hat Ready Business Partner and HP Partner and so we are in a better position than many other retailers of data centre products to help many Newcastle companies to get the best out of data centre products made by Cisco, Red Hat and HP.

We should be first choice for many Newcastle businesses

Many firms in Newcastle might initially consider purchasing data centre products from a company that is located in or close to Newcastle. They might consider buying such products from such a company to be the most convenient option. However, a more convenient option for them would be purchasing data centre equipment from a reputable data centre equipment seller, like Data Centre Shop, regardless of its location.

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