How many Manchester businesses can benefit from our products and services

Today, Manchester is one of the UK’s most prestigious cities, having been very influential in the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century, been where scientists first split the atom and had its name on the phenomenally successful football club Manchester United. It is also a crucial business location, having in 2010 been named the second best UK place and… the twelfth best European place to do business; hence, there are regularly businesses in the city seeking new data centre products from big name companies like HP and Cisco. There are many reasons why Manchester businesses can especially benefit from buying data centre products from Data Centre Shop.

So many great data centre products are available from one place
Though many Manchester businesses might be able to find retailers of data centre equipment in Manchester or just outside it, they are nonetheless likely to struggle to find such retailers that offer the same variety of data centre products that Data Centre Shop offers. We offer such products from a large range of companies that are highly esteemed in the data centre industry, including HP, Cisco, NetApp and Juniper. The products that we offer are also hugely varied in the product categories that they fall under; they include, for example, servers, storage devices and networking products.

There is so much great support to benefit from
Some Manchester businesses might think that buying data centre products from a company that is based in or near Manchester, such as in Trafford or Wigan, should make it easy for them to seek support if they encounter problems with these products. However, the ability of a company to provide a high level of support is often indicated more by a great reputation than close physical proximity. Indeed, we at Data Centre Shop are in an especially good position to help many businesses to obtain support for data centre products that they have bought from the company, wherever those businesses are located, because we enjoy the statuses of being a Cisco Select Certified Partner, Red Hat Ready Business Partner and HP Partner.

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