Many Coventry businesses could thrive thanks to products from Data Centre Shop

The West Midlands city of Coventry is the 12th largest UK city and has a population of 316,900 recorded in the 2011 UK census. For this reason, it shouldn’t surprise you that the city is home to many businesses that could become more successful through using data centre products from Data Centre Shop. With our help, Coventry businesses could even grow to contribute as much to the city and the country as Coventry’s famous historical motor companies and prestigious The University of Warwick!… Well, we don’t see anything wrong with them aiming high…

The relevance of the legend of Lady Godiva

The city is well known for the legend of Lady Godiva. According to this legend, in the 11th century, Godiva rode through Coventry nude on horseback to protest against the high taxes that her husband was imposing on the city’s residents. It is also according to the legend that, though these residents were ordered not to look at her as she rode, one man did look at her and, as a result, became blind. He has become most commonly known as Peeping Tom, but we imagine that, if he was around today, he would struggle to remove his gaze from our data centre products as much as he struggled not to clap eyes on Lady Godiva!

We can provide many different products to many Coventry companies

We at Data Centre Shop offer a wide range of products that many Coventry companies could use to improve their data centres and, in turn, their corporate success. These products include networking equipment including firewalls, switches and routers, servers including blade servers and rack servers and storage devices. We offer such products that have been made by many companies that are highly esteemed for the data centre products that they make; these companies include Cisco, HP and Juniper.

We can provide good support to many Coventry businesses

Businesses in Coventry that purchase Cisco and HP products from Data Centre Shop can often, with our help, easily solve dilemmas that they encounter through using these products. That’s largely because we are a Cisco Select Certified Partner and HP Partner!

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