Management and Support Services

As a customer of Data Centre Shop, you may be interested in knowing more about the extensive management and support services that are offered by our partner company, Proxar IT Consulting.

Proxar is the ideal firm to which to turn if you require services in network implementation and/or server implementation, encompassing significant expertise and experience in such aspects as data centre network design and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL6). Proxar also offers its wide range of IT consulting services on a fixed fee basis, which makes it easier for your company to plan its spending.

Network implementation services

When the time comes for your company to have a new IT network installed, you’ll want the installation in question to be one that is a perfect match for your organisation’s requirements, having been carried out by IT managers that know the great influence that an IT infrastructure’s physical deployment has on your firm’s operational objectives.

By turning to Proxar IT Consulting for IT network installation services, you can be sure of your firm’s network implementation having been carried out properly, from the running of wiring and the installation of network interface cards, to the connection of servers via switches and routers. Proxar’s professionals have relevant experience and expertise in LAN and WAN technologies, and will pay plenty of attention to the physical element of your network implementation. It all means that, with peace of mind assured, you can proceed to add higher level components to your network without the fear that you’ll find yourself wasting time with further technical problems and troubleshooting.

Server implementation services

Proxar offers highly rated services in Red Hat Linux consultancy, with the ability to cater for your needs at every stage, from the conception of the architecture to your system’s final deployment. Such a system may be a data centre network design or a multi-server web platform, but whatever the exact nature of your project, Proxar has the finest Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL6) certified engineers for your business to leverage off.

Proxar can collaborate closely with your company to evaluate your present IT infrastructure, with a view to extracting the maximum value from your new system. Even after the implementation of the new structure, Proxar’s engineers can continue to provide you with ‘ad hoc’ maintenance, training and support. With Red Hat Enterprise Linux, you can look forward to a truly stable and flexible data centre network design, with the expertise of Proxar’s experienced engineers also extending to Red Hat security.

Fixed-fee IT consulting

When you are on the lookout for services in IT consulting, whether you require IT network consulting, emergency IT consulting on a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week basis, or even extensive project management, you will want the service with which you are provided to be one that remains abreast of the ever-changing IT industry. You will also want it to be tailored to your precise needs, and it is the fixed fee nature of Proxar’s IT consulting that has long made the company’s services particularly invaluable to so many clients.

While it is the norm for IT consulting companies to calculate daily fees on the basis of the amount of time that is spent by the expert, the downsides of such hourly/daily rates are numerous. They include the risk of unforeseen, hidden and extra fees sending costs spiralling out of control for many companies… as well as that a promised deadline for the completion of work isn’t met.

It’s why Proxar does things differently, not only having a 100% record as far as the meeting of deadlines is concerned, but also analysing and devising the required solution in advance and providing a fixed, pre-defined fee.

Contact Proxar today

For more information on the services and solutions that are provided by Proxar IT consulting, simply give the customer service team a call on 0844 809 4335.

Proxar offers services ranging from network design and management, Cisco Nexus consulting and Red Hat consultancy services, right through to more general Cisco consulting services, network security consulting and IT project management, which makes it the perfect firm to which to turn for companies in a wide range of industries.