Malaysia government minister recommends data centres for monitoring real-time flight data

Many news outlets have reported on the tragic case of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which is otherwise referred to as Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 and was a scheduled international passenger flight that took off early on 8 March 2014 but was, later that day, reported missing by Malaysia Airlines. What can help to prevent this kind of incident happening again?.. Improved monitoring of real-time flight data, according to a minister of Malaysia’s government. The minister has suggested that this could be achieved with help from data centres on ground.

“Locating and searching for the Black Box should be a thing of the past”

The aircraft that went missing, a Boeing 777-200ER, included 12 Malaysian crew members and 227 passengers. The aircraft’s disappearance prompted a multinational search and rescue effort that was later described as history’s largest. The disappearance has also led Malaysia’s Minister for Communications and Multimedia, Ahmad Shabery Cheek, to call on the United Nations’ ICT agency, otherwise called ITU, to work with the aviation industry to develop a better method for monitoring real-time flight data and recording events in the aircraft cockpit.

Indeed, the ITU has said that modern technology solutions could help to enhance the efficiency of authorities’ launches of rescue efforts for emergencies. However, Cheek has suggested that new technology solutions could help other countries to prevent what his country is going through. He has made particular references to the Black Box, which has been used for the monitoring of real-time flight data for more than three decades, when remarking: “Locating and searching for the Black Box should be a thing of the past” and that “I believe that data from the aircraft including from the Black Box could be continuously transmitted and stored in data centres on ground.”

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