KVH set to launch DCNet to connect 100 data centres in Asia

“As IT becomes more service-based, with these services being driven out of data centres, connectivity between data centres for service providers, content distributors, and enterprises becomes more important.” We are quoting here from the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Asian information delivery platform KVH, Ted Higase, who has pledged that a new service called DCNet and.. set to be launched by his company will address the demand for greater connectivity between data centres and and be “a usage-based network service that will allow customers to order and activate networks between data centres in an as-needed fashion”.

A greater choice of data centres for many organisations

KVH is headquartered in Tokyo and DCNet is a burstable data centre to data centre interconnection service that, this year, will link 100 data centres in Asia – or, to be more precise, in Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, Singapore and Hong Kong. The service will also be supported with on-ramps from the US through the US data centre solutions provider CoreSite and ensure that users of this service can also benefit from data centres in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. The service will become available from July 2014 and give many organisations greater choice concerning where they can collocate and with whom they can connect.

“With DCNet, linking to other data centres becomes just a cross-connect way”

Higase has enthused: “KVH’s DCNet is a game changing service as it links the leading data centres in Asia’s major financial cities across many different data centre operators into a common virtual data centre cloud”. He has concluded: “With DCNet, linking to other data centres becomes just a cross-connect way.”

We at the UK-located specialist retailer Data Centre Shop are certainly impressed by what we have learned about DCNet and anticipate that many organisations will greatly benefit from using it. We also consider it a reliable sign of the good health of the data centre industry in Asia. We stock a great diversity of data centre products, including firewalls, switches and storage devices, that can help to further improve the UK’s data centre industry.

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